Ebooks & Audiobooks

1. Students go to go.hallco.org  and login to Lauchpoint with the school computer username and password.



2.  Once logged into Launchpoint, students need to click the “Destiny Discover” icon

3. Click “Login” in the top right corner

4. Click on Collections and choose which type of book you want to explore (eBooks, Audiobooks, or Interactive eBooks).

5. Students can then scroll through the list of books or “Search” for a specific book of that type.




Tablets & Smart Phones
1. Download the Destiny Discover app today, by clicking the icons below.

available_on_the_appstore available_on_google_play

Other Systems Click Here

2. Once the student opens the app, the students select state “Georgia” and type the school name. Then the student can login with their school computer username and password.





How to Download Destiny Discover app (Apple devices):

How to check out eBooks and Audiobooks using Destiny Discover: